The history of the beginnings of the activities of the Cibon Engineering Group in the field of designing and constructing modern structures dates back to the late 1370s. After conducting research in this regard, in October 2005, the group started its official activities under the name of the company “Cibon Sazeh Mehr”.
Over the past decade, the company’s management has always been working with continuous, dynamic and systematic efforts to move towards the development of industrialization of the buildings. One of the milestones of this activity was the post-Bam earthquake catastrophe in 2003, due to the vast and growing demand of the country; Cibon Co., as one of the pioneers in buildings retrofitting against earthquakes, put its major effort in reducing the weight of buildings .
The company is proud to receive technical confirmation of the LSF system (Light Steel Frameworks) up to five-level buildings (18 meters high) from the up-to-date science and technology related topics at home and abroad and in 2007 from Housing Research Center.
Cibon initially started its programs in the executive part of projects as a second-hand but independent contractor . But in the last decade, it has been responsible for managing and controlling EPC contracting projects based on the technical knowledge, experience and utilization of its highly qualified engineers. With the participation in construction projects, the company received the first grade certificate of construction, facilities and equipment from the Management and Planning Organization, as well as the first grade ranking of Mass Construction from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development .
Some of the projects that the company has completed in recent years:
-Construction of about 3,000 temporary accommodation units in a pre-fabricated way in Bam, immediately after an earthquake disaster in 4 months.
-Construction of more than 1000 residential building blocks with a light and fast construction system in different parts of the country
-Construction of official complexes and high-rise complexes
-Construction of dozens of cross-country service sets in different parts of the country
-Several hospital and therapeutic projects in Tehran
-Construction of several luxury residential complexes in Tehran
-Construction of several residential villas with light and fast construction systems